How To Care For Houseplants | Winter Season

What we gonna do when the temperature drops and the Santa comes around with presents? Here are some tips just for you!

  1. Cut back on watering but you could still stick your fingers into the soil to see if its dry or wet.
  2. Don’t fertilize your plants!
  3. Make sure your windows are sealed: If the plants feel the cold air, it’ll drop their leaves.
  4. Clean your windows: Maximize the amount of lights coming through the windows.
  5. Remove dust/dirt off leaves
  6. Do not repot or transplant your plants!
  7. Get a grow light: Give them 12-14 hours of light and use the clamp with growing light bulb.
  8. Get a humidifier and mist your plants more often than usual if you’re using the heater!

Still can’t remember all the tips, don’t worry! I created an illustration guide just for you! Save it to your Pinterest and you’ll never forget! Stay warm with your plants in winter.


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